“Success isn't owned, it's leased and rent is due everyday.” - Neticia
TishBar's is more than a business, it represents both a legacy and a way of life. Neticia fondly recalls the bond her family shared in the kitchen growing up, her Grandmother taught her many of the skills she now utilizes. As a Southside Chicagoan native, the business is an extension of the family's skill, talent and ultimately a tradition that is being built upon with pride. "Success isn't owned, it's leased and rent is due everyday." Neticia shares that this quote continues to inspire her to work with fierce determination. Although TishBar officially began in 2015, Neticia's bars have been in the works for several years. The bar is a unique twist on the raspberry bar  as it is infused with secret ingredients that have kept customers coming back for more! Similar to her colleagues, Neticia baked homemade goods frequently for office gatherings and functions at her daytime job. However the response Neticia received for her potluck contribution was remarkably different than her officemates.
Neticia realized that her treats were something more than a dessert bar; it became a highly sought after gourmet pastry. As a result Neticia began to develop the bar adding ingredients and focusing on presentation. The pathway toward entrepreneurship for Neticia has been organic as she expresses that she comes from a family full of entrepreneurs.

Sunshine's collaborative environment has been empowering for Neticia as she connects with other entrepreneurs such as Hecky Powell, owner of Hecky's BBQ in Evanston. Neticia uses the restaurant's kitchen in the evening and has shelf space to sell her product. Neticia's partnerships have grown exponentially since her involvement with Sunshine Enterprises. She recently, she has developed a relationship with Evanston's Mayor, Elizabeth Tisdahl. As a minister and community servant, Neticia is committed to training and employing youth in Evanston. As such she is in current conversations with the city on specific ways to help promote and support workforce development efforts through TishBars. Blunt describes the feeling of accomplishment she now has in this position "Being able to employ and train in my community is asset and a resource!"  Neticia looks onward with great anticipation for the sweet happenings that are unfolding through TishBars and the remarkable relationships she is building as a Sunshine Enterprise client! In order to stay tuned with the success of our clients, visit us here.