Hair Designs by Linda

Linda Plunkett
“The challenge is to not lose your passion.” - Linda Plunkett

As a busy mom and part-time student, Linda Plunkett juggles the responsibilities of life while working as a hairstylist on Chicago’s South Side. Her current setup is less than ideal—high booth rents coupled with sporadic clientele has taken a toll on her morale. “Several of the ladies I work with are really negative people,” Linda explains. “I feel like I’m losing my passion [because of it].”

Getting focused through Sunshine helped her to identify new client opportunities. Felicia Thomas met Linda at a Sunshine Enterprises graduation ceremony in July 2014. Through her church, Felicia is connected to a wide mix of business owners and working professionals, many who would enjoy having a personal stylist like Linda. After meeting, Felicia became a regular client. Now the two of them talk about Linda’s business plans while enjoying the client/stylist relationship. “My hope for (Linda) is that she will be able to scale her business and rent her own space,” Felicia says. About Felicia, Linda says, “She’s become like a mentor, not just a client. I’ve enjoyed getting to know her. She provides a lot of encouragement.”