Kingsway Preparatory School


“Don't give up. ” - Tamara

Since the 1960’s, children in the 5th ward of Evanston have been forced to leave their community for education due to a lack of a school.  Historically the absence of a school was thought to promote integration as students were bused to schools elsewhere. However, overtime, this reality has caused dissention among the community and disadvantages for the children. Tamara Stewart-Hadaway, Principal at Kingsway Preparatory School works hard to address this problem each day. Kingsway Preparatory is a faith based school focused upon character development and classic education.  At Kingsway, students are encouraged to carpe aeternitatem in other words, seize more than a day, seize eternity.

 “I know education, but the business side was totally foreign to me.  This class has helped me to put my business priorities in order and to really think of the larger impact of every decision I make.  It forces me to really do my research before I make a move.”  Within time, Hadaway recognized that although she had experience with educational development, business management skills would be needed to ensure the school’s sustainability. In the Fall of 2015, Tamara joined the Evanston Sunshine Enterprises cohort and quickly gained an immense amount of knowledge. She expresses that since joining the cohort, her perspective and focus has shifted to include strategic economic planning for the academy, building partnerships and getting to know her target audience more intimately.

“Don't give up.  Don't quit.  What you're doing is worth it. “ Tamara shares that the most enjoyable aspect of the cohort has been the support  she has received from the community. Roadblocks and feelings of discouragement inevitably arise during the journey, however having a support system that inspires you to persevere, stretch your imagination and provide tactical support is unexpected as a pioneer of education in the 5th ward. During her time in the Community Business Academy, Tamara has partnered with other entrepreneurs to meet pragmatic business needs such as designing uniforms for her students.

Sunshine Enterprises has provided Hadaway with business expertise, community and possibility. In return, Tamara Stewart-Hadaway has given the students of the 5th ward in Evanston  hope and the community renewed vision.