Iris Botanicals

Iris Patterson

“Sunshine Enterprises helped me gain clarity, chart my direction, change my formula and master my goals.” - Iris Patterson

Iris Patterson, Owner of Iris Botanicals started her journey toward entrepreneurship like many others- full of ideas, full of spark, full of ambition and drive but lacking the strategic tools needed to launch her idea into execution. Iris Botanicals was birthed out of her own personal experience with hair loss. In 2014, Iris suffered from a terrible case of tension alopecia just months before her wedding because of a careless removal of glued-in hair extensions. The removal left her bald around her hairline. In great distress, Iris decided to do research on different methods to stimulate hair growth. In her very own kitchen, she used the research to concoct a formula that was found to stimulate her active hair follicles and trigger full growth in only a year's time. This invention is now known as her product - The Rejuvenating Hair Butter - which is one of several products she manufactures. The next step for Iris seemed clear - start a business, make a profit. However the inner workings of entrepreneurship are all but simplistic. Iris knew it was time to gain the support and advice needed to see the idea through.

“Sunshine is amazing to me! When I walked into the program I didn’t have a clear vision, I had many ideas, I needed clarity and direction, the course helped me to identify what I wanted to achieve and then gave me tools to master it….” Patterson joined Sunshine’s Community Business Academy in 2015. During the program, she focused on intently pricing her products for wholesale distribution, marketing, and fine-tuning the manufacturing process. In 2016, Iris successfully forged a partnership with big-box retailer Whole Foods Market and launched her products on their shelves in the new Englewood location. Iris attributes the knowledge she has on cost of goods and business development to the Community Business Academy program. “I needed to know that I was still making money when offering products at a wholesale price. That was huge for me.” Launching in Whole Foods has doubled her sales and given her the credibility she has long sought.

Iris applauds Sunshine Enterprises for providing her with exceptional one-to-one coaching that considers the various nuances of entrepreneurship. Shelby Parchman, Director of Programs, has served Iris as a coach. Within their coaching relationship, Shelby has not only provided  wealth of business advice but he leveraged his background in chemistry to help her fine-tune her product’s formula - thus resulting in a better sales proposition. Sunshine’s coaching is unique in that the coaches and facilitators are multi-talented and bring all aspects of their experience into the program. Iris Botanicals is now on the map within a city she loves! She expresses “ I am more disciplined and able to help those I wanted to help.” We congratulate Iris on her success and look forward to the continued partnership.