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Clive Hamilton

“They teach you the proper way to manage money, down to the last dollar...They teach you to notice competition.” - Clive Hamilton

Clive Hamilton is a master woodcarver with passion, decades of experience, and a reputation in both Jamaica and Massachusetts—and he’s starting to make his name in Chicago.

Since the age of 9, Clive knew he wanted to work with wood. That goal has developed into a personal craft of unique, intricate, fully hand-made pieces of premium furniture that find their homes in high-end shops and the houses of clients who request custom orders. “Most of my ideas are right out of my head,” Clive said. He has carved for Nine Points Woodworking in Massachusetts, as well as for master craftsman Tom McLaughlin of New Hampshire. Clive prefers to keep his business small so that, whether carving a headboard or table, he can focus on producing individual pieces of exceptional quality.

Clive worked for eight years out of Archangel Woodworking Co-op in Worcester, Massachusetts. In the beginning, the co-op was just a building. But Clive invested in it with a friend, furnishing it and upgrading it with the necessities of woodworking, until it became a location where production artists could rent out workspaces. Clive himself worked out of Archangel until moving to Illinois to be closer to family.

Having left Massachusetts, Clive finds himself in a totally new market. Currently, he is focused on advertising his brand, growing the woodworking community in Illinois, and renting a space to begin a new shop.

Clive was referred to Sunshine Enterprises by his brother. Sunshine’s program has been valuable in helping Clive make the best choices about the business aspects of production work as he enters a new market. “They teach you the proper way to manage money, down to the last dollar,” Clive said. “They teach you to notice competition. Sunshine is a very good program, especially for people like myself.”

Producing, however, is not all Clive does: he also teaches woodworking with the hope of spreading the trade. He first taught in Jamaica, where he began instructing the homeless as voluntary service. He regularly taught in Massachusetts at the Archangel Co-op, and aspires to continue teaching in Illinois. “I live for production work,” Clive said. “I would really enjoy teaching more people how to do my trade.”

Clive’s goal is to establish a physical space within two years. Given his experience and work ethic, the Sunshine Enterprises community is positive it won’t be long before Clive’s masterful carvings begin to decorate furniture stores and homes in Chicagoland.