Tall Order & Co.

Brandi Williams

“My business captures all of who I am. ” - Brandi Williams

Story by Garrett Zajac

Growing up as a woman over six feet tall, it was nearly impossible for Brandi Williams to find clothes that fit her: “Jackets and blazers were out of the question [because] I never could find long enough sleeves.” Early on, she quickly learned that there was rarely any piece of clothing made for her tall, slender stature; the only stores she had access to that provided clothing for tall women had closed down and been traded for traveling pop-up shops. She felt as though the fashion industry had excluded her body-type, that she didn't fit the standard for beauty.

Brandi didn't let that discourage her. Over time, she began developing her own eye for fashion. But this personal victory wasn't enough—there were eight million women in the US like her struggling with body image. “Women need to learn how to be 'tall' in spirit,” Brandi figures. And so, this passion to empower women turned into an idea for a clothing business.

Tall Order & Co. is holistic in its mission. Its vision of truth, style, and confidence not only fills a gap in the market of women's clothing but also aims to empower women in their self-image. “It captures all of who I am,” Brandi says. With Tall Order & Co., Brandi plans to develop and sell unique clothing lines for women 5'8” and above. But she also wants to be intentional about starting a larger conversation on body image through marketing and public speaking.

Her company is still in the planning stages, but people around her are already seeing the potential. “You could really build a brand around her,” says Ethan Daly, Director of Strategy and Partnerships for Sunshine Enterprises. Currently, Brandi is taking classes in financial planning and searching for a supplier that can help her release a limited product line by the fall. In the meantime, she continues the work of creating a culture focused on teaching women how to “stand tall” in all aspects of their lives.

“And that is a tall order,” explains Brandi.