Work Matters.

The type of work you do carries an impact. As someone who operates in the marketplace, your work allows you to gain critical industry knowledge, build quality relationships, and develop unique skills. Why not apply those skills toward helping others achieve marketplace success?

Calling All Marketplace Professionals.

Are you a CPA looking to give back? Are you a creative for a marketing agency looking to volunteer? Sunshine offers you more than the typical volunteer experience. Make a difference simply by using the skills you use everyday at work. We have dozens of entrepreneurs excited about building their businesses, yet desiring additional help with some of the key elements in developing a solid business model.

We’re Flexible.

Whether you’ve got lots of time to commit or very little, there’s plenty of options for getting involved. Come play a role in a business simulation, join a coffee conversation, or consider a volunteer mentorship. Help out with a networking event, host a workshop, or be a guest speaker for an evening during our Community Business Academy. This is your opportunity to join in helping restore struggling neighborhoods through cultivating successful entrepreneurs.