Coffee Conversations

If you think you may be interested in meeting 1-on-1 with an entrepreneur but don’t know where to start, we invite you to sit-down in a relaxed, zero-pressure setting with a small group of cohort members. Come and share your story and get a chance to hear the stories of others. Once a month, we host Coffee Conversations at Greenline Coffee. These conversations bring together local entrepreneurs with seasoned business and marketplace professionals to share experiences and pass along knowledge in order to build a robust network that allows for mentorship, creative thinking, and collaboration.

We invite guests to come and discuss their journey—citing lessons from both failures and triumphs on the road to success—while also allowing them to hear from neighborhood entrepreneurs forging their own journeys to achievement.

After each conversation, we follow up with guests and ask them to identify entrepreneurs with whom they’d like to have a second one-on-one conversation; we then encourage them to consider an initial 3-month mentorship commitment. We also receive feedback from our entrepreneurs to learn which guests with whom they’d like to have a second meeting. Sunshine then coordinates the logistics for a follow-up conversation to take place within two weeks from the first gathering.

Coffee Conversations Structure: *

*Note: This structure is a direct copy of the High Tea format developed by the fantastic folks at I.C. Stars. Check it out here!