We work effectively with entrepreneurs because we understand business ourselves.

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We take entrepreneurs through an intensive 12-week training program, called the Community Business Academy,  teaching effective business management. Individuals build skills around bookkeeping, finance, and marketing while also learning how to build credit and gain access to capital. This program is run in partnership with Rising Tide Capital. Rising Tide is a non-profit based in New Jersey whose mission is to assist entrepreneurs in building strong businesses that transform lives, strengthen families, and create vibrant, sustainable neighborhoods. Sunshine is partnering with Rising Tide to bring their model for success to the city of Chicago.

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Unlike other programs that stop once classroom training is completed, Sunshine continues to support entrepreneurs through our Business Acceleration Services program. Through individual and group coaching sessions, participants develop a strategic model for creating value for customers and clients.

Additionally, several workshops are held throughout the year around topics like marketing, finance, and credit-building. These services are available for graduates of the Community Business Academy looking to take their business to the next level.


Business is all about establishing quality relationships. Sunshine has a vast network of marketplace professionals and business owners that function as industry experts able to provide advice as well as opportunity through leveraging social capital.

We actively partner with organizations and individuals across a range of industries, occupations, and geographic locations to connect entrepreneurs with access to the right people, places, and opportunities to network and grow.