6 Meetings. 6 Months. Unlimited Impact.

“It is literally true that you can succeed best and quickest by helping others to succeed.”

-Napoleon Hill

Nothing forces you to learn better than being able to teach. When you impart knowledge to others, that knowledge becomes reinforced and applied to new challenges, which in turn tests your knowledge further and leads to increased opportunity. Think about the knowledge you’ve gained during your professional career and what that’s allowed you to achieve. Who helped you gain that knowledge and experience? Along the way, others afforded you their knowledge and presented opportunities. Now, you have the opportunity to pay it forward.

Here are the steps to getting involved as a mentor.

Step 1: Come and see. Visiting a cohort or participating in a simulation is the easiest way to become familiar with our entrepreneur training. It’s also an easy, low-pressure way of meeting and getting to know our entrepreneurs.

Step 2: Meet for coffee. Whether you initiate on your own after attending a cohort or you coordinate through us, plan a time to sit down and have coffee with one or a few of our entrepreneurs. We make it easy by offering a great coffee shop within our space. If you feel more comfortable initially in a group setting, consider signing up for one of our coffee conversation sessions. Simply contact us to schedule a session. Please also complete a basic bio for us.

Step 3: Commit to 3 meetups to get the ball rolling. After a talk over coffee, make a commitment to schedule a follow-up meeting with one of our entrepreneurs. We’ll have some more information prepared for you about that individual and their business (kind of like an online dating profile J). Then commit to have a followup meeting with that person, followed by 2 more scheduled meetings during the course of the next 3 months. That’s it—3 meetings over 3 months. It’s a short time to make a huge impact.

If you both decide you want to continue, we suggest to schedule out the next 3 months in the same manner. After that, we leave the rest up to you. Throughout that time, we’ll continue working closely with that individual provided they are signed up for coaching through our Business Acceleration Services program. Curious what that process looks like? Click here to see the basic CBA-Diagram.